Curriculum as Place

Before the Reading:
How do I think that school curricula are developed? I think school curricula is developed by a variety of different people including teachers (although there they have little say it seems), students (again, extremely little say), university faculty advisers (I know this since one of my professors are on the board to re-do the arts ed curriculum) and the government have a huge say in what is taught in schools although they don’t see the needs and wants of the student body. I think it’s developed by writing and re-writing until the content is agreed upon, which would take a long time as we can see through some curricula that hasn’t been updated in decades.

After the Reading:
I learned that curriculum is quite the ordeal to take it from conversations to teaching. IT goes though a lot of people (sometimes, though, not the right people) before it is finalized and can be taught in the classroom. Another, somewhat hocking, thing I learned is who has say in the curriculum. Stakeholders in education often have more say than they should which is not only frustrating but not necessary because they don’t know what students and teachers in the classroom need. The politics involved in creating curriculum is somewhat astounding and seems to make the process more difficult. Curriculum is such a huge topic of interest for a lot of people and sometimes it seems like that could be the problem.


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