Curriculum as Literacy

Everybody’s upbringing and schooling can influence how they “read the world”. Most of my schooling was in a school that was pre-k to 12 with 200 students so my experience was quite different. There was a lot of racism in my community that I grew up with as well as people judging what they didn’t know. For example, my mom was the CEO of a company that had group home for physically and intellectually challenged adults and there was a lot of people who thought they shouldn’t be in public areas. My mom also did her best to teach my sisters and I about people who are different and how it’s okay to be different which is ultimately why I chose to work in that field in highschool and university and why I chose to continue to work in this field as an ASD Interventionist.  My world was a town of 600 people for the longest time. However, my childhood was far from “normal”. I was a very sick child and was in and out of the hospital frequently until I was at least 10. This, of course, affected my schooling as well because I was absent so much. Some teachers understood while others did not. This shaped how I “read the world” because of how untraditional my schooling had to become. I feel as if I can bring some positive lenses into the classroom in regards to ensuring my students needs are being met even if that means an untraditional way of teaching them. However, I do bring some biases into the classroom as well. Although I fight to resist the urge to think everyone is at the same level in any given grade level, I find myself struggling to adjust my lessons for everyone when I am teaching many different needs.


A single story that was extremely prevalent in my schooling was that those less fortunate reureid help from others (aka me and other middle class families). While I truly believe giving back is an amazing thing to do, I don’t fully understand why we teach children to “play God” for lack of a better term. Middle to upper class people don’t need to be the saviours of those who are less fortunate.


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